Join the Sensual Renaissance Retreat


A 6 days holiday experience of exploring conscious sensuality, shadow work and embodiment in an exceptional location in Andalucia, Spain.

1 – 6th of September 2023.

All genders and orientations welcome!

A voyage where you can meet and befriend your shadows, sharpen your awareness, learn about conscious touch and enhance your communication and massage skills.

With the only goal to make your life (even more) meaningful, juicy and sensual.

No spiritual bypassing. No promises.

No woo woo. No guru.


This retreat is for you M/F/X if you would love to go on a playful, meaningful holiday. It is for everyone want to build better connections with ourselves, with our partner(s), with our relatives, with the world. 

Maybe you need to change a story? Maybe you want to juice up your life? Maybe you want to find out what you’re hiding from the world? Maybe you just want to be with real people learning a few skills on the way? Maybe you want to do all of this in the middle of a huge olive grove? 

Whether you are an experienced neo-tantric@ or a beginner, whether you’ve been to self development workshops or not, this particular approach will definitely be useful for your own self-development.

If you’re not afraid to dive deep into your psyche and soul and if you could use a gentle reboot or a big kick in the butt and would love to live a more authentic life you came at the right place!

Smile! You’ve just found what you were looking for!

If you feel the call to sign in, please contact us for an intake call. We would love to get to know you and we would love you to get to know us!

Please send an email or call Muse on +34 601655643.

If you currently suffer from a mental disorder that could affect the experience in the workshop, please talk to one of the facilitators before signing up.

SENSUAL SCHEDULE – how does a typical day looks  like during the retreat?


8:30 am: Meditation (optional)

9am: Breakfast

10-02 pm: First workshop: often playful shadow work.

2 pm: Lunch-Pool and/or reflection time

5-8 pm: Second workshop: often embodiment exercises.

8:00: Diner

9:30 pm: Evening Program

0-8 am: Noble silence

This is only an indication. Programme might change according to the needs of the group.

We recommend a 6 days digital detox during the retreat.


Kobi Beck


Nathalie Dewalhens

aka Muse


Marc Salah


Marc, Muse and Kobi share a powerful bond that was forged through a common neo-tantric school. Despite their varied professional backgrounds, they are united in their pursuit of sensual exploration and personal growth.

Kobi’s expertise as a bodyworker and trained circling and Wasu practitioner allows her to create an atmosphere of trust and vulnerability in her clients. Marc’s mastery of meditation and massage makes him a sought-after guide for those seeking to connect with their bodies and minds. And Muse’s talent as an intimacy facilitator and writer enables her to inspire deep, transformative experiences in those she works with.

Individually, they are already forces to be reckoned with in their respective fields. But together, they create an alchemy of wisdom, permission and embodiment. Their combined expertise and passion allow them to guide others on a journey of self-discovery, conscious pleasure and authenticity. They are eager to share their gifts with those who seek a deeper connection to themselves and others.

The three facilitators work in the intersection of the fields of buddhist tantra, neo-tantra, somatic embodiment, breathwork, conscious kink, meditation practices, polyvagal theory, circling, authentic relating, stoic philosophy and full body sensuality.

They are trauma informed and have an understanding about the nervous system and how to regulate it.


We’re all just walking each other home.
Ram Dass






We said it before: “No Promises” but to be honest we’re pretty sure that you will be able to:

Get out of your head and be more in your body (embodiment).

Turn at least some of your shadows into friends

Have a more intense (sex) life

Learn the kind of touch and intimacy that will serve you well

Realize that boundaries are sexy a.f.

Look at your shame and conditioning and address it in a healthy and safe way

Feel empowered a.o. by showing vulnerability

And last but no leasts: you will have spent a week in utter authenticity, in a safe and playful environment of tender openness surrounded by nature. What’s not to like, huh?


1000 EUR


900 EUR if booked before 1st of July 2023

This includes all the workshops, lodging, food, bed-and bath linnen- and even soap and shampoo! All rooms have air-conditioning and en-suite bathrooms and can sleep 2 persons (1 double or two single beds).

There’s also a possibility to sleep in Belltents and enjoy some fancy glamping:

900 EUR


800 EUR if booked before the 1st of July 2023

Transport to the venue is not included. We can arrange that for you. Please contact the venue. There’s a deposit of 250 EUR that you can pay using the Dragonfly House website.

Please contact Muse if you need more information:


0034 601 655 643

Frequentally Asked Questions

Will there be food?

Yes! The chef at the Dragonfly house cooks healthy, tasty, mainly plant based meals. Breakfast, lunch and dinner. There might even be ice cream:-) If you have allergies please do inform us!

Will there be alcohol and/or drugs?

No alcohol and drugs (including nicotine) are allowed in the venue except on the last evening.  We like to get high on our own energies.

Will there be nudity?

Probably yes. But everyone is invited to respect their boundaries. So nothing is mandatory.

Will there be sex?

Define sex. There will definitely be intimacy between the participants. That includes talking about very intimate things, massage, closeness, energy play. It doesn’t include penetrative nor oral sex.

It might get a bit more sexy on the last (temple) evening, depending on the group.

There will be no sex between facilitators and participants.

What the heck is shadow-work?

The shadow is the part of yourself you don’t want to claim, that you might want to reject. Which is why it is so interesting to work with these aspects of our personality. One of my teachers Jamie Catto defines it this way:

It’s just a really kind and tender and playful way to reclaim our
lost treasure and all the essential parts of ourselves that we edited
away when we were younger – all the aspects of ourselves that
we were wrongly shown were shameful or unwelcome – our creativity,
our permission to cry, to be angry, passionate, sexy, confident, needy, vulnerable –
we’ve suppressed (but not totally lost) these huge, essential
parts of ourselves and the wonderful, intimate journey to
reclaim all that is hilarious and raw and brings us the
deeper human connection we have been craving along with so much treasure – and we do it with deep reverence for
the sacred fool and honouring our mess like the merry band of pirates and unpretentious misfits that we are.”

Will there be other dates?

Yes! Another level 1 is planned in Spring 2024 and a level two in Summer 2024.

Will it be possible to stay in touch afterwards?

Yes! We will make a special whatsapp or telegram group for this group only.

You need more info?

You would like to talk about a payment plan? Contact us!

+34 601 655 643

You trust us already and feel a big yes: contact us for a intake call before signing up here:



We are so looking forward to go on this journey with you!