Nathalie Dewalhens


In the intimacy of my house you will able to reboost your sensuality. In only 4 hours you will learn different kind of touch, how to massage your partner, learn about conscious sexuality and much more.




Everything the SENSUAL RE-BOOST offers but much more and in more detail. I am inviting you to a 3 days holiday experience of exploring conscious sensuality, shadow work and embodiment in a beautiful village house in an authentic village 20 minutes driving from Granada.

All genders and orientations welcome!

Are you struggling with you intimate life lately ? Do you want to do this without going to a retreat where too many people gather? Do you want to be acompanied by a profesional, kind and effective woman with more than a decade of experience in the field?

My  only goal is  to make your life (even more) juicy and sensual. 

No spiritual bypassing. No promises.

No woo woo. No guru. 


This private retreat is designed for peri and menopausal women and their partners who want to built   better connections with themselves, with their partner(s), with their relatives, with the world. 

Maybe you need to change a story? Maybe you want to juice up your life? Maybe you want to find out what you’re hiding from the world? 

Whether you are an experienced neo-tantric@ or a beginner, whether you’ve been to self development workshops or not, this particular approach will definitely be useful for your own self-development. My no-nonsense holistic and non judgemental approach is gentle and will boost your (sex) life.

If you’re not afraid to dive deep into your psyche and soul and if you could use a gentle reboot or a big kick in the butt and would love to live a more authentic life you came to the right place!



Do you and your partner need a tender reboot in your life? Maybe some extra mojo? A gentle Renaissance?

Smile! You’ve just found what you were looking for!

Please send an email to [email protected] or call/app Nathalie on +34 601655643.

If you currently suffer from a mental disorder that could affect the experience, please take care of that first before signing up.

SENSUAL REVIVAL – how does a typical day looks  like during the retreat?



10-30 am: 1:1 session with me to work on your issues.

2 pm: Lunch and/or reflection time

5-8 pm: Embodiment exercices/meditative walk in the environment/breath work session

8:00: Jacuzzi with cava and poetry

9:O0 pm: Sensual dinner 


Note that this is a private retreat: you will be the only one in the house except for me (and Britney, the Pomeranian) so I will adapt the program to your wishes. A free introduction call is mandatory

What others say about Nathalie: 

“Nathalie is an excellent, energetic and experienced facilitator and leader who will safely hold space for your transformational work. Taking part in one of her workshops has brought me closer to myself and closer to more pleasure in my daily life, which is an amazing gift! Thank You, Nathalie! Recommend! ”

Yelli, 2023.


I said it before: “No Promises” but to be honest we’re pretty sure that you will be able to:

Get out of your head and be more in your body (embodiment).

Be able to communicate better with your partner.

Realize that boundaries are sexy a.f.

Look at your shame and conditioning and address it in a healthy and safe way

Feel more empowered and grounded.

And last but no least: you will have three days in utter authenticity, in a safe and playful environment of tender openness.What’s not to like, huh?




600 EURO if you enroll before September 2024. 1000 Euro after 31st of September.

This includes all the guidance, lodging, food, bed-and bath linnen- and even soap and shampoo!

Transport to the venue is not included. I can arrange that for you. 

Please contact me if you need more information:

[email protected]


0034 601 655 643

Frequentally Asked Questions

Will there be food?

Yes! I do recommend to go for breakfast in the village to suck up the real Andalusian vibes, but I will make sure you will have lunch and dinner. Most of it will be plant based.

What the heck is shadow-work?

The shadow is the part of yourself you don’t want to claim, that you might want to reject. Which is why it is so interesting to work with these aspects of our personality. One of my teachers Jamie Catto defines it this way:

It’s just a really kind and tender and playful way to reclaim our
lost treasure and all the essential parts of ourselves that we edited
away when we were younger – all the aspects of ourselves that
we were wrongly shown were shameful or unwelcome – our creativity,
our permission to cry, to be angry, passionate, sexy, confident, needy, vulnerable –
we’ve suppressed (but not totally lost) these huge, essential
parts of ourselves and the wonderful, intimate journey to
reclaim all that is hilarious and raw and brings us the
deeper human connection we have been craving along with so much treasure – and we do it with deep reverence for
the sacred fool and honouring our mess like the merry band of pirates and unpretentious misfits that we are.”

You need more info?

You would like to talk about a payment plan? Contact us!

[email protected]

+34 601 655 643