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Meet the Woman

Nathalie Dewalhens was born in Belgium in the swinging sixties but left her tiny country in 2003 when she choose to step away from  the rat race and thus her role in the music industry. She first lived on an island in the Mediterranean before starting to settle in the shadow of the Cévennes mountains. In 2012 she relocated to Berlin. A decade later, she felt it was the opportune moment to establish herself in Andalucia, Spain, while her now-adult children persisted in their global wanderings.

Nathalie is not only a certified sex counselor but also a Vermilion Morning Social Host. She orchestrates both online and in-person  Sensual Salons (with Alison Pilling)   and Poetry Brothels,  Writer’s Salons (again with dear Alison), different workshops and talks along with Neo Tantric Talks at her place. Additionally,  she’s a licensed Jamie Catto Bring It Insanely Gifted teacher .

Her conviction that the world could benefit from more sensuality underscores her work.  

Influenced by the teachings of Stoics, Trungpa Rinpoche, Henry Miller, Lou Salomé, Pema Chodron, Nietzsche, Esther Perel, Darwin, Frans de Waal, and others, Nathalie brings a grounded, non-woo-woo approach infused with elements of crazy wisdom. She’s a vegan sentientist and believes in the values of EffectiveAltruïsm. She likes flamenco, techno, tango and tequila, mango and the poetry of Pablo Neruda. Not necessarily in that order.



As a writer I’m particularly interested in condition humaine and thus in the childhood traumas that partially shape who we become and behave as an adult. 

As an intimacy facilitator I want to help people to connect authentically with themselves and the world.  

I like to take them on a journey to a place where they feel safer and closer to their core.  

As a performer, I want to touch people’s souls.

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Berlin

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Berlin is the perfect book for those who wish to discover the city, but avoid all the usual tourist haunts, as well as for residents who are keen to track down the city's best-kept secrets.

Your Body, My Poem

“Your body, my poem” came out of the visceral need of Machig to bring some conscious kinky sexuality in contemporary poetry.

2024 dates


  • 1st – 29th of February: Space to write – 29k in 29 days (with Alison Pilling)- online
  • April 13: The Kaleidoscope of Love- Free Workshop – online
  • May 11:  What is co-dependency? – Free Workshop – online


Counseling: Online and in real life 

Navigating challenges in your intimate life? Feeling a shift in your sexual vitality or curious about exploring different aspects of pleasure? Wondering about the nuances of female pleasure, including topics like female ejaculation? Managing changes in libido due to (peri) menopause?

Or maybe you’re in the process of opening up your marriage and find yourself facing uncertainties, or if you’re contemplating such a step and want support, I’m here to assist you. Perhaps you’re intrigued by the idea of expanding beyond conventional notions of ‘normal’ sexual experiences.

It’s completely normal to long for intimacy, but acknowledging and addressing these desires can be challenging due to societal conditioning and shame.

Whatever your intimate concerns may be, be assured that solutions exist.

Drawing on my background as a certified sex counselor, complemented by more than a decade of experience in neo-tantric practices, I incorporate insights from polyvagal theory, attachment styles, authentic relating, the wheel of consent, breathwork, embodiment, various relationship styles, and conscious kink.

Let’s embark on a journey together to explore and address the complexities of intimacy. Your curiosity is valid, and your concerns are deserving of attention.






Code of Ethics

Embracing Ethical Counseling together


My commitment to integrity, confidentiality, and client well-being is at the core of everything I do.

I can be your your dedicated companion on the path to personal growth.  My counseling practice is rooted in principles that reflect my genuine commitment to your well-being and transformation.


 These are my core beliefs: 

1. I Believe in Openness

 I’m all about authentic conversations. My commitment to integrity means I share openly, creating a space where trust can flourish.


2. Your Privacy Is Paramount

Your stories and challenges are sacred to me. I treat every detail with the utmost care and confidentiality, ensuring that your journey is a safe and secure one.


3. Your Goals Are My Focus

 Your goals are not just goals; they’re my priorities. I’m not just a counselor; I’m your partner in realizing your potential, fostering an environment where personal growth can thrive.

4. Learning is a Journey We Share

Just as I guide you, I’m on a continuous journey of learning. 

5. I Respect Your Uniqueness

 You are unique, and that uniqueness is what I celebrate. My counseling is grounded in deep respect for your individuality.


6. Ethical  Integrity Is My Priority

 I am truthful to myself  so I can serve you in the best possible way.






Your questions, concerns, and curiosities matter to me. I invite you to start a conversation. Your trust is the cornerstone of our partnership.





> 65 EUR per session 60 minutes. 12 sessions for 600 EUR.

> 1500 EUR pp for three months guidance including   12 one on one sessions, whatsapp guidance during the whole period

> 2000 EUR per couple for three months of guidance including  12  one on one sessions, whatsapp  guidance during the whole periode 


Online or at my place near Granada.

First discovery call free.

Sessions can be held in English, Dutch or French.

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Transformational & funky workshops

– Transforming your inner critic into a funky, sexy ally. (3 hours or 1 day)

– Who are the DJ’s in my head and is God a DJ? (2 hours)

– What are my shadows teaching me? 

– Initiation into embodiment (3 hours)

– Own your shit. Taking responsibility for one’s life. (3 days, can be split up)

– Intimacy workshop: First date game, How to talk about big wounds between men/women/ X (1 day, can be split up in 2 parts)

– Let’s talk about sex, baby (3 hours)

– Drama got talent (3 hours)

– Bad breakups go to court (1 day)

– The Kaleidoscope of Love (90 min)

– Embrace your intimate triggers and put them on a pedestal (1 day)

Combinations are possible, please contact me. 

Publications and Prizes

Articles on film and eco-travelling different Belgian magazines (Feeling etc.)

Second prize for an essay on writer and situationist Raoul Vaneigem in WEL.


500 Hidden Secrets of Berlin (Luster Publishers)

Your Body, my Poem (self published).     2019

Short story ‘Alicia’ in SEPIA (1 illustrator/34 writers)

Current and Ongoing

Killing for love: theatre play (Dutch/English)

Tante Didi (a memoir)

Berlin Bar Stories: novel (English)

Collection of erotic poetry (Dutch & English) –  part 2.