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Meet the Woman

Nathalie Dewalhens was born in Belgium in the swinging sixties but left her tiny country in 2003 when she decided to quit the rat race and thus her job in the music industry. She first lived on an island in the Mediterranean before starting to settle in the shadow of the Cévennes mountains. In 2012 she moved to Berlin (Germany) where her two children still live and thrive. Ten years later she thought it was time to settle in Andalucia, Spain. 

She’s a Vermilion Morning Social Host, organised online and in real life Sensual Salons (with Alison Pilling) and Neo Tantric Talks and last but not least: she’s a licensed Jamie Catto Bring It Insanely Gifted teacher .

She truly believes the world would be a more compassionate place if there was more sensuality in the world. 

Highly influenced by the Stoics, Trungpa Rinpoche, Henry Miller, Lou Salomé, Pema Chodron, Nietzsche, Esther Perel, Darwin, Frans de Waal amongst others,  which partly explains her no woo woo  approach and some elements of crazy wisdom. She’s a vegan sentientist and believes in the values of EffectiveAltruïsm. She likes flamenco, tango and tequila, mango and Pablo Neruda. Not necessarily in that order.



As a writer I’m particularly interested in condition humaine and thus in the childhood traumas that partially shape who we become and behave as an adult. 

As an intimacy coach I want to help people to connect authentically with themselves and the world.  

I like to take them on a journey to a place where they feel safer and closer to their core.  

Books & Poetry

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Berlin

The 500 Hidden Secrets of Berlin is the perfect book for those who wish to discover the city, but avoid all the usual tourist haunts, as well as for residents who are keen to track down the city's best-kept secrets.

Your Body, My Poem

“Your body, my poem” came out of the visceral need of Machig to bring some conscious kinky sexuality in contemporary poetry.

Neo Tantric Talks on Thursdays

During the dark winter months, Nathalie regularly hosts a group of curious souls to gather together safely around the fire of her house (exact address will be send out to the participants) to talk about things that warm their hearts.

Max 9 participants so please reserve your place by reserving your place via whatsapp: +34601655643. 

Price 12 Euro/night: drinks and veggie tapas are included.

Un abrazo,


About the evenings

Location: Lecrin Valley, Spain.

6 pm  Introductions
6:45. Talk by Nathalie or guest on the theme
7:00 Open discussion and possible authentic relating prompts
9:00 Closing circle

Themes of the talks

(always on the second Thursday of the month)

October:            Spirituality
November:       Embodiment
December:       Winter breathwork exercises
January:             New Year Ritual
February:          Conscious sexuality
March:                Spring Ritual

Tantric Talks on Thursday are an opportunity to talk openly about intimate matters. Depending on the needs of the group they might take a different turn .The Talks are not therapy although they can be therapeutic .

Looking forward meeting you!

2023 dates


  • 5th of January (neo)Tantric Talk on Thursday “Authenticity” Granada
  • 6th of January Poetry performance @TeaTimeHappening with Lala Ema (private) Granada
  • 8th of January Poetry performance @TeaTimeHappening with Lala Ema Granada
  • 16th of January Sensual Salon with Alison Pilling Online
  • 3rd of February (neo)Tantric Talk on Thursday “Embodiment” Granada
  • 7th of February Sensual Salon Live with Alison Pilling Manchester
  • 9th of February. Bazar Bizarre with The Fenwitch Manchester
  • 2nd of March (neo)Tantric Talk on Thursday “Spirituality” Granada
  • 13h of April (neo)Tantric Talk on Thursday “Conscious Sexuality Granada
  • 20th of April Transformational Workshop Online
  •  8th  and 17th of July Transformational Workshop Online
  • 5th of August. The Kaleidoscope of Love  Workshop Online
  • 9th and 18th of September Transformations Workshop online
  • 12th of October: Winter Talk on Spirituality (@home)
  • 9th of November; Winter Talk on Embodiment (@home)
  • 14th of December: Winter Talk on Breathwork (@home) 


Online coaching

If you struggle with intimacy or connection issues, drop me a line.

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Transformational & funky workshops

– Transforming your inner critic into a funky, sexy ally. (3 hours or 1 day)

– Who are the DJ’s in my head and is God a DJ? (2 hours)

– What are my shadows teaching me? 

– Initiation into embodiment (3 hours)

– Own your shit. Taking responsibility for one’s life. (3 days, can be split up)

– Intimacy workshop: First date game, How to talk about big wounds between men/women/ X (1 day, can be split up in 2 parts)

– Let’s talk about sex, baby (3 hours)

– Drama got talent (3 hours)

– Bad breakups go to court (1 day)

– The Kaleidoscope of Love (90 min)

– Embrace your intimate triggers and put them on a pedestal (1 day)

Combinations are possible, please contact me. 

Publications and Prizes

Articles on film and eco-travelling different Belgian magazines (Feeling etc.)

Second prize for an essay on writer and situationist Raoul Vaneigem in WEL.


500 Hidden Secrets of Berlin (Luster Publishers)

Your Body, my Poem (self published).     2019

Short story ‘Alicia’ in SEPIA (1 illustrator/34 writers)

Current and Ongoing

Killing for love: theatre play (Dutch/English)

Tante Didi (a memoir)

Berlin Bar Stories: novel (English)

Collection of erotic poetry (Dutch & English) –  part 2.